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CT6014 - Advanced Concepts In Web 

Part 1 - During the first phase of CT6014 Advanced Concepts In Web  I spent time coming up with various logos for the brand name Comx. Logo design has the ability to make or break a business. A perfectly created a logo has the potential to establish a great connection with its intended audience. However, a poorly designed logo fails to communicate the message across to the target audience and ultimately may cause the business harm in the future (9 Powerful Tips For Effective Logo Design, 2019). To create various designs for the brand are used Adobe illustrator to create a set of logos and then Adobe photoshop to apply effects such as bevel & emboss. With effects such as bevel and emboss applied I was able to make certain logos look completely different to how they were intended (see picture 1/2 for final results) . After much deliberation I decided that I would use the Pacman style logo for the final design. Coco Chanel once said “ Before you leave your house, look in the mirror and take one thing off“. The same rules apply when designing logos. Do you want to make sure people can read and see your logo from a distance or when it’s really small so leaving blank space helps achieve this (10 Logo Design Tips to Take Your Brand to the Next Level [+ Logo Templates] - Venngage, 2019). After reviewing the final design I felt it had met quite a lot of the necessary requirements to be a catchy and successful logo.


Part 2 - During the second phase of CT6014 Advanced Concepts In Web I began working on the branding guidelines document for the comx brand. Brand guidelines are, essentially the owner's manual of how to use a brand. those guidelines will be referenced by everyone who wishes to use your brand internally or externally, and will often be reused in any future brand identity changes. Therefore, it is important that you define enough of the guidelines to keep the brand consistent but short enough that viewers can easily understand the rules (36 Great Brand Guidelines Examples - Content Harmony, 2019). Help create the branding guidelines are used Adobe illustrator this was the easiest because the logos had already been created using this software and it enabled me to easily create vector art duplicates of my prim logo in a varying degree of colours. the primary colours chosen were turquoise, black and red I chose these colours because I felt they had strong contrast and stood out from a distance. I chose to have a tin of red place in the logo because red is the universal sign of excitement, passion and anger. It draws attention and makes your design stand out from the crowd (Logo colors: what's best for your brand? - 99designs, 2019).  The Pacman style shape was an intended practice as there are not many people who have not heard of the game Pacman and instantly recognise the shape. I used this method to increase the likelihood that the logo would be instantly recognisable and remembered. (Refer to Image 3)


Part 3 - During the third phase of CT6014 Advanced Concepts In Web I began working on the website for Comx. To do this we would be using Wordpress to create ands develop our site. Wordpress started as a blogging tool but over the years has developed to become a powerful website builder (Wpbeginner.com 2019). I first decided that i would try hard coding my own website from scratch (See Image 4). However, this proved rather time consuming and after speaking with the module tutor Zayd Dawood it was decided that i would use a Wordpress theme and taylor it towards my brand. For my Comx website i decided to use the theme Phlox and combine this with Elementor. Elementor enabled me to create a unique website for Comx that allows users to find the information they require as well as easily navigate the site (See Image 5). The site has the ability for the admin user to create logins for each team and student so they may add their teams and profiles to the relevant pages. The site also contains a merchandise section to help further promote the brand (See picture 6).    


Part 4 - During the fourth phase of CT6014 Advanced Concepts In Web I spent time coming up with a poster and tagline for the Comx brand. The tagline I came up with was dream big, create bigger. I felt that given the type of event Comx is that this tagline perfectly embodied what Comx stands for. The poster for Comx I used Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. When designing a poster its important to ensure it remains easily readable and has some contrast (11 Tips For A Creative Poster Design, 2019). I wanted to keep my poster clean and only contain the necessary information to show off the brand, tagline and event (See picture 7). 


Part 5 - During the final phase of CT6014 Advanced Concepts In Web I spent time completing the branding guidelines document, Comx building representation and the WordPress website. For the branding guidelines I added more sections such as logo usage, typography, and acceptable typography and logo usage and how the logo would look on various buildings and print media such as envelopes DVD’s and business cards. for the Comx WordPress website I added a section for students using the WordPress staff widget along with progress bar to show skills related to that user. 

overall I am pleased with how the assignment has gone. However, if given more time I would like to add more advanced features to the website such as a  fully fledged out shop that branded merchandise could be sold through. Having merchandise helps a brand create a buzz and further reach your target market (Clark & Clark, 2019).



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