Amplify (Music Streaming Website)

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Amplify is a music streaming service that I am currently developing. As a musician, I wanted to create a service that could help promote independent artists. Music streaming services such as Apple Music and Spotify have a monopoly on the streaming sector which is why Amplify will incorporate features such as augmented reality, geolocation, local and nationwide events. The app will also match artists that are close in proximity using a map that has registered users custom Bitmojis appear in a similar way in which Snapchat does it. Amplify started as a project I was creating myself, and the core fundamentals have been implemented, but the scope of the project has grown, and I have decided to team up with fellow university students Alex Chera and Dan Cliff for the remainder of this project.


Wireframe - (Balsamiq)


Logo - (Adobe Illustrator)


Programing Languages - (HTML5, CSS, jQuery, PHP, MySQL,)


Frameworks - (jQuery Mobile, Apache Cordova)


API's (Google Maps, Bitmoji... More Added Soon)

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