The Day That Earth Stood Still

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 The Day That Earth Stood Still is an animatic that tells the story of Nila Louise Smith. After a nuclear attack destroys planet Earth and forces survivors to leave and repopulate on Mars the story resumes with a now 16 years old Nila. For this project, I used a vast array of programs which included Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Animate and Logic Pro on Mac. To begin this story, I first started by sketching out the initial ideas for the scenes. Once I was happy with my designs I  created them in Adobe Illustrator. The six stages were then imported into Adobe Animate. Using movie clips and symbols tweens and motion tweens were applied to my assets so that the story could be brought to life. Buttons were added to enable the viewer to navigate between scenes, and this was achieved by using some simple ActionScript coding. Finally, I recorded the voice acting for Nila and Silus and narration in Logic Pro as well as the music and sound effects.

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