These Final Hours (Group Project for Uni In Year One)

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These Final Hours is a concept for a mobile game created by myself, Jack Orchard and Simon Copeland. As part of this assignment, we were asked to come up with a game that used some form of virtual reality or augmented reality. As a group, we decided to create a zombie survival game which would incorporate augmented reality goggles. The player would see zombies appear as if they were in the real world, alongside this players would have to maintain their health and thirst meters as well as collect loot. My tasks involved creating the branding which used the silhouette of a man either side of the letters TFH. Using Adobe Photoshop's various layer effects, I was able to apply blending options along with creating a varying degree of colour options. Using Adobe after effects, I created a virus. I was also responsible for creating the brand clothing designs. The New Era caps were a favourite amongst friends and sold very well. Lastly, I used Logic Pro on Mac to create the concepts theme song taking inspiration from horror franchises such as the Conjuring. 

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