Augment Your Reality Brand Guidelines

Here we have the branding document that I created for my company Augment Your Reality. Brand guidelines offer clear-cut rules for how your logo, its colours, and messaging are represented to your audience. However, they do so much more: they create consistency for your company‚Äôs public persona. They serve as a reference point as your marketing agency designs your website, collaterals, and social media presence. They tell the world what to expect from your branding. Download


Company Branding & Event Website

CT6014 - Advanced Concepts In Web Part 1 - During the first phase of CT6014 Advanced Concepts In Web  I spent time coming up with various logos for the brand name Comx. Logo design has the ability to make or break a business. A perfectly created a logo has the potential to establish a great connection with its intended audience. However, a poorly designed logo fails to communicate the message across to the target audience and ultimately may cause the business harm in the future (9 Powe