When Worlds Collide

When Two Worlds Collide Is an Interactive animatic created by myself and Paul O'Hare, the interactive animation tells the story of Red Riding Hood and how her world gets sucked into a black hole and collides with the realm of the Three Pigs. As an interactive story, it was vital that we incorporated features that would allow the viewers to feel involved in how the story unfolds. The primary objective is for Red Riding Hood to travel through the maze and collect the Three Pigs missing tools and c


The Day That Earth Stood Still

 The Day That Earth Stood Still is an animatic that tells the story of Nila Louise Smith. After a nuclear attack destroys planet Earth and forces survivors to leave and repopulate on Mars the story resumes with a now 16 years old Nila. For this project, I used a vast array of programs which included Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Animate and Logic Pro on Mac. To begin this story, I first started by sketching out the initial ideas for the scenes. Once I was happy with my designs I  creat