The Haunted Hallows (Mobile Game - In-Progress)

The Haunted Hallows Is a mobile game currently being developed for iOS by myself. The story revolves around a young witch named Isabella Hallows. The games art and assets were created using Adobe Illustrator and then imported into Adobe Animate. The game utilises a framework called Starling. As of now Haunted Hallows currently has a working home screen and a parallax background. The game will launch sometime in May 2019.  To be continued as development moves along......


Apex Racing (PC/Mac Game)

Apex Racing is a single-player or multiplayer racing game created by Team 13 which comprised of myself, Jack Tilling, Ben Thorpe and Viktor Sutor. For this project, I created the UI in-game and menu as well as all of the sound effects and music which I composed using Logic Pro. Overall the game looks and sounds great. However, we did have problems with the ships movement system which our programmer was unable to solve. Please feel free to use the contact form if you would like a copy of the game


Howl Of The Moon (PC/Mac Game)

Howl Of The Moon is a multiplayer 2D platformer created by myself using the game engine Unity. The game's background was created using Adobe Photoshop, the music and sound effects were created in Logic Pro and the characters and platforms were built using Pixen. The game's assets were created by myself Including sound and music. Howl Of The Moon was the first game I have ever produced and the first time I had worked with a game engine. Overall I was pleased with the outcome. Please feel free to