Augment Your Reality Website

Here I have a website that I created as part of a group assignment for the University of Gloucestershire in 2020. The assignment tasked us with creating an app or game. I came up with the idea to create a mobile application that used augmented reality technology to enhance users travel and tourism experience. Also, I created a website using Wordpress, and advanced plugins to enable users to create an account and start earning points which they can redeem to get a discount off of our merchandise.


Amplify (Music Streaming Website)

Amplify is a music streaming service that I am currently developing. As a musician, I wanted to create a service that could help promote independent artists. Music streaming services such as Apple Music and Spotify have a monopoly on the streaming sector which is why Amplify will incorporate features such as augmented reality, geolocation, local and nationwide events. The app will also match artists that are close in proximity using a map that has registered users custom Bitmojis appear in a sim


Stolen Bike Website Made For Gloucestershire Police

Here I have a website that I created as part of a group assignment for the University of Gloucestershire in 2018. The assignment tasked us with creating a website for the Gloucestershire Constabulary that would help locate stolen bicycles. The site had the ability for both the police and the public to create accounts. Once a public user had created an account they would log in and register their bicycle details which would include the make, type, colour, serial number and picture. These details


Designing a Simple Portfolio (HTML, SCSS, JQUERY)

Here is a portfolio website that I started creating in 2018. The programming languages used for this were HTML, SCSS and jQuery. Initially, this was designed to act as my portfolio website. However, I decided not to use this design and instead use it as a way of showcasing my web design skills.


My Portfolio Website

Here is my portfolio website, for this I used Adobe Dreamweaver.  There are hundreds of different website building platforms and website builders on the internet. Wordpress and Wix to name just a couple. However, if you have the skills, you can also build one yourself from scratch. The site is far more complex than your standard HTML and CSS websites and uses a Bootstrap framework as well as programming languages such as PHP, MySQL and jQuery. The Idea behind my portfolio website was to ens


Howl Of The Moon Mock-up Website

Howl Of The Moon was a mock-up website that I created for a university assignment in 2018. Using Adobe Photoshops gridlines to help guide me with placing each section. The idea behind this site was to keep it clean and simple and to ensure an aesthetically pleasing design.