Vector Art Of Myself

Here is a vector of myself that I created using Adobe Illustrator. I used a photo of me as a reference point and the trace tool in Illustrator to help give me a rough outline then using the pen tool I was able to go over the outlines. The key to creating a good character design is to ensure you have the right contrast when it comes to adding colour shading.


Synergy Movie Package (Poster, BluRay & DVD)

Here are designs that I created for an assignment in 2017. The brief was to create a poster, DVD case and DVD for a fake movie called Synergy. Using Adobe Photoshop, I used four photo's and through the magic of layer masks, blending tools and layer styles it enabled me to combine each picture and create an image that appeared as if it was supposed to look that way. 


Game Environment (Concept)

This game design was created by myself using Adobe Photoshop. The buildings were designed using the shape tool, and the rest of the environment was built using the paintbrush tool. To create the shadow illusions that appear in the water layer, I made use of the blending options and layer styles that Photoshop has to offer.


Game Character (Concept Art)

This character design was created by myself using Adobe Illustrator and then imported into Adobe Photoshop to create the scenery. The idea behind this design was to use this design in the game Howl Of The moon a game which I created using Unity. However, this did not go as planned, so I decided to use this as concept art for a university assignment in 2018. 


Bullseye Under Siege (Game UI Concept)

Bullseye Under Siege was a game UI concept that I created using Adobe Photoshop. The picture used was taken from the game Crysis 3 and then using Photoshop's layer mask's and blending tools such as hue and saturation to add tints to the final design. 


These Final Hours (Group Project for Uni In Year One)

These Final Hours is a concept for a mobile game created by myself, Jack Orchard and Simon Copeland. As part of this assignment, we were asked to come up with a game that used some form of virtual reality or augmented reality. As a group, we decided to create a zombie survival game which would incorporate augmented reality goggles. The player would see zombies appear as if they were in the real world, alongside this players would have to maintain their health and thirst meters as well as collect